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At Camp Firewalker, we provide day use and multi day camps for all ages. From a few friends to youth groups to company retreats we can service groups up to 250 people!

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Youth Camps

Rappel down our 80 foot cliff.

Youth & Singles Conferences

An opportunity for young men and young women to join together in high adventure activities. They will learn how to work together as they build their faith through physical and spiritual challenges. Night hikes, speakers, devotionals and much more.

Young women's camps to help develop their faith.

Young Women’s Camp

A camp for young women to develop their faith and dependence upon the Lord. Many opportunities for the Youth Camp Leaders to learn and grow with the younger campers. This is a great opportunity for the young women to stretch themselves through high adventure challenges.

We serve boy scout and girl scout camps.

Boy/Girl Scout Camp

A structured camp to teach boy or girls scouts to live and practice the values they have been taught. Challenges will be given to motivate the scouts to learn wilderness survival skills. The scouts can also pass off advancement requirements.

Connect through adventure on father/son and mother/daughter trips.

Mother/daughter or Father/son

Participants enjoy bonding time with each other through all the activities. A great way to connect through fun and difficult challenges.

Group Camps

Host your family reunions at our camp.

Family Reunions

Camp Firewalker is a great place to get the family together without any other distractions from the outside world. We have plenty of activities for the kids, youth, parents, and grandparents. Have fun with your family while having experiences that will bring you closer together through the challenges that will inspire faith

Building leaders through adventure.

Leadership Retreats

A great way to start off a new year for student body councils, athletic teams, yearbook staff, and much more. The groups will learn of their team member’s strengths and what they have to contribute to their experience together for the upcoming year. Trust will be built, communication skills will be reinforced, and goals will be discussed.

Bring your company for team building activities.

Business Retreats

These retreats range from fire fighters to business corporations to teachers. Such experiences will bring the staff closer together as they learn more about working together to accomplish a common goal through high adventure experiences. This is a great time to have some fun.

Aaron’s Camp

A powerful experience structured for young men to prepare to go on a mission. This camp inspires young men to have experiences that will strengthen and inspire them to serve the Lord. This is a Priesthood Camp not a Boy Scout Camp. (Ages 14-18)


We had a FABULOUS week!! Thanks for being so extremely helpful and friendly to us first-timers here.

Karma J

Thank you so much for all that you guys/girls did for Aaron’s Camp and the spirit that you brought into the camp.

The Eight

We are so grateful for you and all you have taught us.


For this experience, and for all of these eternal memories, we will be forever grateful to each of you.

Dale and Deb K