Camp Activities

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At Camp Firewalker, we have LOTS of fun activities for your group to enjoy. Our trained, professional staff will be there to help you try them all! All staff are CPR and first aid certified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Day use: $90
Day/overnight: $115
2 Days  (leave by 11 am on 3rd day):   $225
3 Days  (leave by 11 am on the 4th day):   $250
4 Days  (leave by 11 am on the 5th day):   $275
5 Days  (leave by 11 am on the 6th day):   $300
Children 5 and under are free.

** If departure time is later than 11 am, groups will be charged 5% of their total cost of attending.

Find additional pricing info and our current rates.

Does your camp provide meals and a cooking staff?

We do not provide or cook meals for groups that attend our camp.

Groups do however have access to all of our cooking facilities. We have all the equipment you’ll need to cook for large or small groups….pots, pans, bowls, trays, can openers, kitchen utensils, etc.   You just need to bring your own serving sets (plates, bowls, cups, utensils), kitchen towels/soap, and XL garbage bags.

How large or small can our groups be?

Groups can be as small as a few people up to 250 people.

Do you have set schedules we must follow?

Not set schedules but suggestions. Our camp is committed to giving you the experience that you would like to have. We have a staff willing to help you make the best schedule suitable for your group. We have several samples to assist groups in the process of creating a schedule that meets their needs.

Can we have campfires?

It depends on the fire danger levels set by the county in which our camp resides. We usually know by May or June if fires are permitted.  Pray for Rain.

Do you provide cabins, cots, or tents?

We have bunkhouses that hold about 55 people in each one with separate toilet facilities nearby. We also have a motel with eight rooms that hold two bunk beds and a bathroom in each room.

Can we bring dogs?

Sorry, no dogs allowed.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds for any activities requiring the use of a harness.